This is just another EXO scenario blog. You know the drill; no questions about self harm, abuse, etc. I'm only answering questions right now, hopefully I will write actual scenarios soon. ^^
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Anonymous: What would Baek/Sehun/Kai do if you snuck up and playfully smacked their butt and ran off right after?

Baek: This could go one of two ways depending on the diva’s mood. If he’s in a bad mood he would shoot you a glare and snap at you with an attitude, “____, do you really have to be so immature?”

But if you catch him in a good mood, prepare for war. Playful Baek would chase you down for his revenge. Once he slaps your butt back, he would run off to hide somewhere so you couldn’t slap him back. You would tell him he’s being unfair and for him to come out and he would reply *queue oven radio voice* “No!!!!”

Sehun: The second your hand collides with his butt Sehun would freeze. He would turn bright red and would be quite flustered even though all you did was slap his butt. Once he got over the initial shock, Sehun would play it off as if nothing happened as a way to get you back. So when you are least expecting it Sehun would nonchalantly smack your butt back.

Kai: Jongin would turn red because he is so shy. But he would be too tired to really chase you back. We all know a part of Jongin’s personality has pretty much become tired aw poor baby. He would follow after you and once he caught up to you Jongin would back hug you asking if you two could do something a little more calm like cuddling on the couch.


Thank you so much for requesting! c:



Anonymous: Would kai be possesive? Would he like of skinship with his gf or only when you both are alone? You think he would be mad if his gf do a lot of skinship in public? Omg you are so good in scenarios really i love your blog <33.

I could see Kai as being quite possessive. Jongin seems like he could be a little insecure in a relationship which would make him nervous that he would lose his girlfriend. He wouldn’t be too into skinship in public, but if a guy was checking you out he would definitely slip his hand into yours and pull you closer. He would do really sweet little things to keep your attention on him. If you talked to or hung out with a guy a lot it would bother Jongin. He may not express it at first, but he would be scared that you like that guy better than him. Jongin would glare at the guy and make it known that you two are in a relationship through skinship. He would not like guys to be staring at you, talking to you excessively, etc. 


Thank you for requesting! And aw thank you so much (‘: 



mini-momo: How do you think Exo views gauges. On a girl though? Not so big, like 00g size (I'm sorry if you don't know about the size). Like I have some that are that size and I always wondered what they would think of them. My sisters like them while my mom finds them disgusting :( (Sorry if you have to do research for this question)

I know about the sizing! I recently just closed my ears from 00g’s. I miss them so much. >-<


Since a 00g isn’t that big I don’t think it would be too big of a deal; unlike if you would have 1” lobes. I could see Tao, Kris and Kai being more open to it than members such as Luhan, Kyungsoo, and Suho. If they really liked you I’m sure all of them would accept them but I don’t see them as listing stretched ears as something that would immediately attract them to a girl.


Thank you for requesting!! And I actually know a lot about stretching your ears and stuff. Believe it or not I used to be into that “hardcore” music; or as some people call it “screamo.” I wore all black and had stretched ears and went to local “hardcore” shows and I went to concerts every weekend.



hyoxun: there are times i imagine on what kai is like in bed (even though chanyeol and lay are my biases). i dont really imagine him being such a sex god but like what you said, he's passionate, not being kinky or erotic. when you get flustered and cover yourself in front of him, he will just smile and tell you that you are beautiful and it is okay to reveal yourself in front of him cuz he loves you. he will take his time and express his love through his actions. //saying this sounds so sweet *cries*//

I’m Sehun and Luhan biased yet Kai is the only member I can really imagine what he’s like in bed it’s so weird. I think people get the sex-god-kinky-erotic vibe from his stage persona. But if they would take into consideration how Jongin acts offstage, I in no way see kinky sex god. We get shy, little puppy Jongin who would just want to make you feel loved.

ugh he would be the sweetest thing in bed oh my god *cries with you*

Anonymous: i honestly dont think jongin is 'a beast in bed' like what most people think. i just think he's the kind to do it vanilla almost every time, with quiet breaths and lots of touching, but still very loving and passionate to the point that it's not even erotic and kinky in any sense-- just straight on vanilla and i dont think that's a bad thing so yeah i just wanted to say that hahahahaha

I agree with you for the most part!! I think Jongin would be exactly how you described him; very passionate. He would be extremely touching with with quiet, yet heavy breaths. He would make it known that he loves you. But I could also see the sex-god stage persona Kai coming through sometimes; but very rarely. Then he would be a ‘beast in bed’. And as we all know there are extreme differences between Jongin and Kai. So probably 90% of the time he would be extremely passionate and loving and in no way rough or kinky.

I love to hear your guys’ opinion on these things!! c’:


Anonymous: What would Kai be like teaching you to dance? ;)

Kai would LOVE to teach you how to dance. It’s his passion, and having a girlfriend who shares an interest in his passion would be incredible to him. He would have a huge smile on his face the whole time and when he watches you dance he would have that damn smirk on his face. Kai would use teaching you the right way to execute the moves as an excuse for skinship. He would be so cute yet incredible sexy at the same time. If you were doing bad he would just giggle and would slowly walk you through the motions to help you. But if you were doing good, he would just step back and watch you in adoration. Kai would be extremely happy that he could dance with his girlfriend now and would choreograph some sexy yet beautiful dance duets for the two of you.


Thank you for requesting!!!

and you would have the best dance teacher eVER


Anonymous: Wedding night first time question, but with Kai, Sehun, Lay & Baekhyun? (I love how you answered that question in a fluffy way, thank you!)

Thank you for requesting this question for Sehun omg


Kai: Jongin would just be Jongin. No sex-god Kai sprinkled in there. Just raw Jongin. He would be so gentle and passionate with you, while taking extreme care not to hurt you in any way possible. There would be hardly any talking during the whole thing. Jongin doesn’t need to tell you he loves you, you would just know. From the way he looks at you and touches you, to the way he kisses you. With Jongin, your first time would be out of pure love.

Sehun: With Sehun it would be a bit awkward. I could see Sehun still being a virgin at the time as well. It would take a lot of communication to make sure it wouldn’t turn into a total train wreck. Hopefully you’re not shy because Sehun would be too shy to initiate any communication. But once you two manage to get the ball rolling, he would be such a cutie. Sehun would be so hesitant because if it’s the both of your first times, he would be terrified that he would hurt you and he would be nervous because he wouldn’t know the boundaries that could hurt you. Sehun would be a shy blushing mess. 

Lay: Yixing is so sweet. This boy would make you feel like a princess. He would be very gentle and loving and would do everything in his power to make sure that you feel completely comfortable. Yixing would be really slow with everything he does. This night is about you and your love. All he would want is for you to feel good. 

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be really kind yet playful. He would be so sweet but would make it a playful experience so you wouldn’t dwell on it and get too nervous. Quiet giggles would escape here and there, and soft touches would be everywhere. During the experience Baekhyun would make sure that you know he loves you. He would smile into kisses and whisper “Saranghae”  under his breath every time the kisses would break. He would put his focus onto making you feel amazing and having a wonderful first time, and putting his pleasure on the back burner instead.


Thank you so much for requesting!!! (^▽^)

and just oh my god this question is so cute.




Anonymous: How would Kyungsoo/Kai/Sehun handle it when you guys go to beach, and a ton of guys are staring at you in your bikini suggestively and cat calling?

Kyungsoo: Aw poor Kyungsoo. Our squishy would be so flustered. Once he heard the cat calls towards you he would take off his shirt and ask you to wear it instead. Kyungsoo would hold your hand and intertwine your fingers to show the guys that you are HIS girlfriend since he’s not assertive enough to yell something like that. If the cat calling got too bad he would just suggest leaving instead of confronting the group of guys.

Kai: Jongin really wouldn’t want to deal with these pricks once he realizes what they are doing. He would try his hardest to ignore them, yet show to everyone that you’re taken at the same time. Jongin would have his arms around you the whole time and would give you quick kisses every now and then. If the guys got out of hand then Jongin may approach them and say something. But it wouldn’t be in a if-you-don’t-shut-up-I’m-going-to-beat-you-up way, but in a I’m-really-sick-of-your-shit-and-I-just-want-to-enjoy-the-day-with-my-girlfriend way. Which could end the cat calling but the suggestive staring would not end until you left. 

Sehun: When Sehun realizes what is going on he is not going to be happy. Although he would be too shy to confront the guys, he would show them that you are taken. Once he hears the cat calls Sehun would immediately take off his shirt and make you wear it to shield you from suggestive eyes. He would then intertwine his hand with your and start pulling you away towards the car, saying “Jagi I’m ready to go home.”


Thank you for requesting! c:


Anonymous: Hi! How would Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol and Kris come about asking you to twerk for them? ;D Your blog is fab btw xx

well i don’t see sehun, kai, or kris ever asking you to twerk for them so that leaves yeollie but i will still answer for all of them (。・_・。)


Sehun: You and Sehun would be sitting on the couch on your laptops with music playing quietly in the background. You’re both silent until Sehun, who is intently staring at his screen, pipes up, “Jagi, do you know how to twerk?” 

If your answer is yes, Sehun would turn bright red and shyly say “Well, can I see?” If your answer is no, Sehun would reply with “You should try for me then!”

Kai: Kai would just be dancing around the apartment like usual when the music in the background changes into a booty poppin’ song. Kai would start dancing around in a more provocative way while making his way over to you. Once in front of you Kai would say “Jagi I want to see if you can do that new dance craze called ‘twerking’.”

Chanyeol: Yeollie would be in one of his extremely hyper moods when he would ask you to twerk. He would have some booty poppin’ music playing in the background while he dances like an idiot around the living room attempting to twerk. Sitting there watching him dance like this is enough for you, you don’t need to join. But Chanyeol would have other plans. This cutie would drag you up from the couch by your wrist saying, “Jagi I wanna see you twerk. Twerk for meeee.”

After a bit of persuasion you would eventually have to give in. And once you started twerking, Chanyeol would lose his shit. We all know he is the reaction king, and boy would he live up to that name. Yeollie would be stomping his feet, clapping, snorting and just pretty much dying at this sight. All while making cat calls at you.

Kris: Kris would be blunt about it. The two of you could just be sitting there doing whatever when all of a sudden Kris looks at you and says, “Jagi can I see you twerk?” You would be all confused but who could say no to the handsome face. Whether you know how to twerk or not, you are going to get up and try your best for him. He would tease you afterwards but in a sweet way.


I’m sorry that they’re all so short except for Chanyeol. He was the only one I could actually see asking for that xD But thank you for requesting!!! (≧ω≦)


Anonymous: How would Kyungsoo/Sehun/Kai react to you being in a sexy music video? ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴ would they be jealous? (¬ω¬)''

Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo would probably handle this the best out of the three. He would be jealous, but not to the point where he would get really upset over it. Kyungsoo knows it’s what comes with the job of being an idol. He wouldn’t take you dancing sexily with another guy for a music video personally because he knows it’s your job. Although he would be wishing the whole time that it was him in that guys place, but he wouldn’t be too phased by it. Kyungsoo would however get a bit turned on from your sexy dancing but yet again not to the point where he can’t control it. I think Kyungsoo is very rational and has a lot of self control so he would handle this situation incredibly well.

Sehun: Sehun would be so jealous you could just see it radiating off of him. Especially if you had another guy in the music video. Sehun can be pretty sexy sometimes i don’t see why anyone wouldn’t take him in a sexy music video omg. If he was on set watching you film this so many emotions would be running through his head. He would become extremely turned on from your sexy dancing and acting because of his raging teenage hormones. But if there was another guy you had to dance with he would be so incredibly jealous and pissed at this guy. After watching you two do the dance two or three times, Sehun would get up and storm out of there. You would have to chase after him to calm him down and assure him that you think he is the thexiest which would probably end up with you being pushed up against a wall while being kissed.

Kai: Jongin would be jealous, but would contain it better than Sehun. If you had another guy dancing with you he would be a little confused because doesn’t he dance the best and make damn attractive sex faces while doing it?  Jongin would be really jealous of this guy dancing with his jagi in a suggestive way when Jongin could be doing it himself. He would give off this slight vibe of jealously although it wouldn’t be too obvious because he would be too distracted by your sexy dancing. He loves that you can dance and seeing you dance in that way would just drive him over the edge. You would figure out how jealous he was once the two of you got home. *WINK WINK*


Thank you sooo much for requesting! <33

bonus sex faces








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