This is just another EXO scenario blog. You know the drill; no questions about self harm, abuse, etc. I'm only answering questions right now, hopefully I will write actual scenarios soon. ^^
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*yells yehet in an attempt to attract oh sehun*

Anonymous: What would Baek/Sehun/Kai do if you snuck up and playfully smacked their butt and ran off right after?

Baek: This could go one of two ways depending on the diva’s mood. If he’s in a bad mood he would shoot you a glare and snap at you with an attitude, “____, do you really have to be so immature?”

But if you catch him in a good mood, prepare for war. Playful Baek would chase you down for his revenge. Once he slaps your butt back, he would run off to hide somewhere so you couldn’t slap him back. You would tell him he’s being unfair and for him to come out and he would reply *queue oven radio voice* “No!!!!”

Sehun: The second your hand collides with his butt Sehun would freeze. He would turn bright red and would be quite flustered even though all you did was slap his butt. Once he got over the initial shock, Sehun would play it off as if nothing happened as a way to get you back. So when you are least expecting it Sehun would nonchalantly smack your butt back.

Kai: Jongin would turn red because he is so shy. But he would be too tired to really chase you back. We all know a part of Jongin’s personality has pretty much become tired aw poor baby. He would follow after you and once he caught up to you Jongin would back hug you asking if you two could do something a little more calm like cuddling on the couch.


Thank you so much for requesting! c:



Anonymous: do you think that someone in exo is gay? i used to think they're not but xiuhan is make me doubt about them.. what do you think?

I don’t think anyone in EXO is gay to be honest. Xiuhan, who are fricking adorable, is just a super close friendship in my eyes. I remember watching a video from EatYourKimchi where they talked about how westerners would think tons of guys in Korea are gay from how they interact with each other. It’s just a cultural thing I believe. Friends seem to like to cling onto each other and compliment each other there, whereas in the U.S. it would be considered gay.


*cough* just saying if anyone in the kpop realm is gay i’m voting heechul *cough*

what i didn’t say anything (。・_・。)

all i want for christmas is for SMent to give sehun more lines





for those of you who haven’t heard it yet here is a full playlist 

i can’t stop crying over Miracles in December like jfC that song is beautiful.
and i thought the pain was over but then i decided to watch the Chinese version and luHAN OH MY GOD.
nope nope.
too many tears.
SM you did good.

Anonymous: Would kai be possesive? Would he like of skinship with his gf or only when you both are alone? You think he would be mad if his gf do a lot of skinship in public? Omg you are so good in scenarios really i love your blog <33.

I could see Kai as being quite possessive. Jongin seems like he could be a little insecure in a relationship which would make him nervous that he would lose his girlfriend. He wouldn’t be too into skinship in public, but if a guy was checking you out he would definitely slip his hand into yours and pull you closer. He would do really sweet little things to keep your attention on him. If you talked to or hung out with a guy a lot it would bother Jongin. He may not express it at first, but he would be scared that you like that guy better than him. Jongin would glare at the guy and make it known that you two are in a relationship through skinship. He would not like guys to be staring at you, talking to you excessively, etc. 


Thank you for requesting! And aw thank you so much (‘: 



lenathemushroom: How would Chen and Luhan react if they entered the bathroom (bcause you forgot to lock the door) and found you in the shower?

Chen: Chen would be the little troll that he is. Depending on how much he wants to mess with you would determine the outcome. If he doesn’t want to risk pissing you off, he would just start to sing really obnoxiously and he would make his presence known. If he wanted to pull a big prank on you, Jongdae might even sneak quietly out of the bathroom after realizing that you’re in the shower; hoping that you didn’t notice he came in. This troll would hurry to the kitchen and grab the bag of flour in the cupboard. And I think we all know where this is going and that Jongdae would be a dead man. 

Luhan: Luhan would stride right on into the bathroom not even noticing the sound of the water running from outside of the door. He would be two steps in when he realizes that you’re in the shower. Poor LuLu would look like a deer in the headlights. He would rush right back out of the bathroom and accidentally slam the door, which would make it known to you that he came in the bathroom. Luhan would be quite embarrassed about this but with him and his manly image he would act as if it was nothing.


Thank you so much for requesting!!! :3


piccadilly99: how would sehun/chanyeol react to a guy who glanced at you with a teasing face? love you blog btw

Sehun: Sehun wouldn’t react too much to it. He would just grab your hand and stare at the guy with that cold poker face. 

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would make it obvious that you are his girlfriend. He would laugh and sling an arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer. If the guy looked at you again Yeollie might even kiss you to show that you are taken.


Thank you for requesting! <3 I’m sorry these aren’t that long but they are short, sweet and to the point. ^^


mini-momo: How do you think Exo views gauges. On a girl though? Not so big, like 00g size (I'm sorry if you don't know about the size). Like I have some that are that size and I always wondered what they would think of them. My sisters like them while my mom finds them disgusting :( (Sorry if you have to do research for this question)

I know about the sizing! I recently just closed my ears from 00g’s. I miss them so much. >-<


Since a 00g isn’t that big I don’t think it would be too big of a deal; unlike if you would have 1” lobes. I could see Tao, Kris and Kai being more open to it than members such as Luhan, Kyungsoo, and Suho. If they really liked you I’m sure all of them would accept them but I don’t see them as listing stretched ears as something that would immediately attract them to a girl.


Thank you for requesting!! And I actually know a lot about stretching your ears and stuff. Believe it or not I used to be into that “hardcore” music; or as some people call it “screamo.” I wore all black and had stretched ears and went to local “hardcore” shows and I went to concerts every weekend.



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